Jai Uttal      

Sadbhuj Ocean Blue

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From the design laboratories of Mantralogy and the musical genius of Jai Uttal comes this exquisite antique styled shirt featuring an image of Sadbhuj. Sadbhuj is a special form of Sri Chaitanya, the founder of the kirtan movement, when he displayed Himself as Sri Krishna, Sri Rama and Sri Chaitanya. The back features a swirl of the Maha Mantra in sanskrit "Devanagri" script and Jai Uttal's logo.

Printed on super soft 100% organic cotton Alternative Apparel shirts.
Front art provided by OmFromIndia.com

Mantralogy/Gaura Vani Mantralogy ID: 120468 Catalog ID: 1616 SKU: JAIUSADBCH-TSMD Created: 9/22/2010
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